Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sensible Roulette Strategies

There are a lot of strategies to be found concerning the game of roulette. Most of these strategies involve the use of systems. There are good systems, and there are bad ones. Most of them are just plain ridiculous, while others may be worth a shot. However, the roulette strategies I'm about to present to you doesn't involve any system at all. They are just based on plain common sense coupled with a lot of experience.

The Wheel Does Not Remember

Despite what the casinos repeatedly try to tell you, the roulette wheel does not have a memory. If you continue to play the game believing that it does, then you're just throwing away your money right there. Look, streaks may sometimes happen, so you may see four or five black numbers come out in a row. But that doesn't mean that the chances of getting a red number on the next spin will increase. For every spin of the wheel, the law of probability remains the same. Even if you've seen five black numbers win in a row, don't start thinking that the next number will surely be red this time.

How To Bet

Try to think about how you're betting in roulette. Are you betting to win, or are you betting against yourself? Most players don't realize this, but the way they bet plays a big factor whether they win or lose. The best method here is to use a betting strategy that allows you to leverage your winnings and losses. For example, some people like to bet on both black and red numbers at the same time. This will just result in getting a push or a total loss, if 0 or 00 ever comes out. See what I mean?

One of the few betting strategies I've seen that looks good enough to use would be the positive progression method. How does it work? A player using positive progression will bet on a group of numbers straight up. Now, if they win, they take their 35-to-1 winnings, double their bets, and pocket the rest. If they hit again, they can either progress their bets, or go away a winner. If they lose, they just start over with the original amount they played with.

As I've mentioned, this strategy looks good on paper and is worth a try. However, do not play the negative progression strategy, by all means. Negative progression means doubling your bets every time you lose. This could eat away at your money faster than you thought possible. It exponentially increases your losses, and if ever you win, you just get back to zero. Playing negative progression is just a bad idea.

Numbers to Play

I really cannot give you any useful strategy here. Different people all have different lucky numbers that they feel comfortable with. Most of the players I've seen choose numbers based on birthdays, important dates, ages of friends or loved ones, hotel rooms, telephone numbers, psychic readings, and whatnot. So the best numbers to bet on are really up to you.

Playing Sensibly Wins

There are no guaranteed wins at roulette. You are playing a gambling game, after all. However, if you know how to bet smartly, use effective positive progression methods, and are lucky enough, you can increase your chances of coming away a winner. And oh, by the way... knowing when to quit is also a very good idea.
Good luck and enjoy the game!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the easiest way to increase your chances is to bet on many numbers. Roulette strategies revolve around betting on the right number. Some games also offer much simpler betting schemes, such as on which color the ball will land.

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ice said...

The Roulette wheel has no memory...
But you can find things that do happen.
Example, of the 37 numbers about 12 will not come out in every 37 spins, some will double or more while, others will not come up,
if the number you are following has not come out in 37 spins, it might be time to forget it, don't think its due to come out.

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