Monday, January 7, 2008

Differences Between European And American Roulette

Roulette is played in both America and Europe for its excitement and potential for large wins. But the American and European versions of roulette are slightly different from each other. Each offers the same fun and excitement, but the slight difference does change the odds of winning.

In American roulette, the wheel contains 38 colored, numbered spaces. In European roulette, the wheel contains just 37. Both have numbered spaces of 0-36. However, the difference lies in the American addition of a green 00. This one space is what makes differing odds between each version, leading many players to prefer just one version.

Having the green 00 space makes the odds of winning lower for the American wheel. This means the American game has a bigger house edge and that players on the American roulette wheel will not win as often. Because of the differing house edge, most players prefer to play European roulette.

Every casino has a house edge, which is simply a fixed amount that a casino will come out ahead after a long period of time. House edges can't be changed, so most gamblers will look for games with a small one. The American roulette wheel has an edge of 5.3 percent, while the European roulette wheel has a mere 2.7 percent. Because the American house edge is almost twice that of the European version, the European game has a clear statistical advantage.

And the European wheel has another way to shine over the American wheel. There is a move only to be found on European roulette tables. The en prison move is for wagers made at the 1 to 1 payout odds. In this mode, if the ball should land on zero, the wager isn't lost- it remains on the table and is played again. For anyone seeking the very best odds, the en prison play is as good as it gets.

Another difference between the two is the way the chips are distributed. When someone buys chips to play the European game, the chips are all the same in appearance. In the American game, the color of the chips is different for every player. In this game, the colors assist the house in keeping the wagers separate. But the memories of Europeans are trusted to remember where each bet came from.

Either game, whether you choose European roulette or its American version, the game is always fun and exciting to play. The American roulette house edge, though higher than the European one, remains a low edge when compared to other games. And when players can find a good system to help them beat the odds, the chances of winning may get even better.

Out of the many systems out there that claim to beat the roulette wheel, none can really assure players that they will always win. But, one system is different from the others and does give players the best chance possible to defeat roulette and walk away a winner. This system is found exclusively through

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