Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Martingale Progression - Beating Roulette

The oldest system for beating the roulette wheel is the Martingale Progression. This system has been around a long time for good reason- it makes good use of odds in order to make the most of both wins and losses. This system doesn't rely on lots of wins, needing only one win in order to recoup the losses.

The one thing you do need when beginning the Martingale Progression is to have a good-sized bankroll. Because of the way the system works, the bets may end up being quite large, and if the required bets could not be made the entire system would crumble. Be certain that any bet you might need to make could be covered before beginning this roulette system.

The first bet should be small, but the amount is up to you. If that amount is lost, the amount is doubled for the next bet. If the new amount is lost, it is doubled in the next round. Each time a bet is lost, that amount must be doubled in the next round. If there are many losses in a row, it is possible for the necessary bet amount to get extremely high. But, if there is one win at any point then no money has been lost, and there is a small win. The win at the end of a string of losses is the amount of the first bet.

Part of the reason that the Martingale Progression is so popular and venerated is that it does make the assumption of some losses, which most gamblers expect anyway. It also provides a way to keep track of losses and to get back those losses, which is an important part of any gambler's winning strategy. But, there are also several reasons that the Martingale Progression sometimes causes problems.

Players who use the Martingale Progression can easily reach the limit of their bankrolls after a few lost wagers. If the bankroll limit is reached, there is no way to continue doubling and no way to keep the system running. At that point, the losses have piled up and there is no way to place a bet high enough to win them back.

One more reason that players can get into trouble with the Martingale Progression is that many roulette tables come with maximum bets, keeping players from making the larger bets they would need to keep the Martingale Progression rolling. If the maximum is low enough, it doesn't take long to reach it and to sink the progression.

Knowing that the wagers will get large quickly, the initial bets made with the Martingale Progression are generally low. These smaller wagers mean that the final win will be equally small. With such a small payoff at the end of the system, many roulette players don't find the system worthwhile.

The Martingale Progression is helpful in some cases, though it of course is not foolproof. No commonly-known system for beating roulette is really foolproof. But, there is one system that actually can beat roulette, and that system is available only through www.winning-at-roulette.com.


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